Howling Wilderness by Janet RupertHowling Wilderness by Janet Rupert

A True Story

Eleven-year-old Ollie Spencer and his family were pioneer settlers outside of Cincinnati in 1792. While on an outing to the fort at Cincinnati, Ollie missed his ride home. Making his own return plans, he fell in with strangers boating on the Ohio River. Two Shawnee warriors attacked the party, killing and wounding the strangers, and seized Olly. They took him deep into the Black Swamp in northern Ohio and gave him as a gift to their mother. Ollie feared and respected the old priestess named Coohcoochee, who adopted him and taught him native ways. He witnessed her divination, learned dancing ceremonies and to speak Shawnee, and in a final triumph, learned to hunt. Along the way he met many famous people including Blue Jacket, Simon Girty, and Lt. Governor Simcoe of Upper Canada. Ollie gave up hope of ever returning home. In the meantime, his father had been a Revolutionary War hero, and diplomatic wheels were turning. Ollie’s true story is given context with the events of the time.




Fighting for a Dream by Margaret BowsherFighting for a Dream by Margaret Bowsher

A Contemporary  Adult Romance

Kate Acheson was finished with her latest assignment early and needed a break. Jack was pushing her to do more jobs faster, but she needed some time off and Jack told her just not yet. If she could do the Ocean Cliff job, then he would allow her to have a vacation. She begged and tried to negotiate a deal with him, but Jack was a hard man. Alex Dante had worked hard and saved everything he could so he could buy the other half of Ocean Cliff. Half of it was given to him as his birth right. For generations it had been handed down this way. And Alex was finally able to come home to claim it. Only to find that the other half had already been sold and Kate was there to claim that half for Jack Copeland. But after seeing Alex rise from the ocean, a smile and a kiss and Kate was thinking Jack should walk away from this and if he wouldn’t, maybe she should. But the magnetic pull was so strong between Kate and Alex that they must come together. And together, they survive a hurricane, a house fire, a near drowning, a construction crew, Alex’s mother and grand dad’s visit and yes even Jack.