Richard Jackson Sage Book 1
The Richard Jackson Saga

Dive into the Richard Jackson Saga: A Multiverse of Alternate Histories

Book 1 sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure in this gripping alternate history novel. Meet Rick Jackson, a teenage dreamer with an itch for exploration and a knack for storytelling. The story kicks off with a simple homework assignment – write about your summer vacation. Now, we all know how these assignments usually go. Beach trips, family outings, maybe a visit to the zoo. But Rick’s got something else up his sleeve, something that will hook you right from the start.

Rick’s dilemma is relatable, right? Do you spill the beans on an epic adventure or stick with the everyday stuff? The twist? Rick’s ‘everyday’ involves time-traveling mishaps, secret histories, and decisions that could rewrite reality. You see, Rick’s got proof of what went down, but he’s not sure he’s ready for the world to know… yet.

Let’s rewind to late May of the previous year. School’s out, summer’s in, and Rick’s looking at a blank canvas of possibilities. Inspired by his father’s wild tales of youthful escapades, Rick’s got his heart set on a cross-country journey. But hey, this is no ordinary road trip. With an alternate history twist, hitchhiking becomes a gateway to parallel worlds and unexpected encounters.

The author Ed Nelson, weaves a web of nostalgia and curiosity as Rick’s journey unfolds. From heart-to-heart talks with parents to chance rides with strangers, every moment is an exploration of both the world and Rick’s own character. It’s like a coming-of-age tale with a time-traveling twist, and it’s the kind of adventure you’ll want to dive right into.

So if you’re in the mood for a road trip like no other, buckle up and join Rick on a roller coaster ride through time and space. With humor, heart, and a dash of what-could-have-been, Book 1 is just the beginning of the thrills waiting for you in this captivating alternate history novel.

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