Cast in Time Book 3
Cast in Time

Cast in Time Book 3 Available this Sunday October 1, 2023


At the beginning of book 3 we follow the Count of Cornwall, who’s dealing with a major headache: the possibility of an invasion by King Ine of Wessex. He’s eyeing the three border Baronies that were snatched away from Cornwall by King Geraint and thinking about taking them back. But there’s a hitch – Cornwall doesn’t have a big population, so starting a war or even building new defenses seems tricky.

Enter Thad, the scribe with a genius idea. He suggests bringing back the people who were kicked out of those stolen Baronies. After some scouting missions confirm that they’re not having a great time under the Saxons, this plan gains traction. Cornwall starts prepping for construction while setting up new infrastructure.

As the seasons roll on, the count’s got a lot on his plate. There’s a surprise gold discovery in one of the Keeps, leading to the minting of some flashy new gold coins. His family’s growing, too, with Eleanor expecting another child. Plus, they’re beefing up their army with that shiny new gold. And let’s not forget the cool tech upgrades, like cannons and reinforced defenses. The count’s definitely making Cornwall stronger, impressing the local Barons in the process.

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