Cast in Time Book 1
Cast in Time

Cast in Time Book 1: The Making of a Military Leader

This alternate history book introduces us to James Douglas Fletcher, a guy who had a knack for getting into some sticky situations during his childhood in Ohio. His farm upbringing taught him the value of hard work and responsibility, even if it involved accidentally causing a big explosion with cow manure and methane gas – yikes!

But despite the occasional rebellious act and his curiosity about the world, Fletcher had a strong desire to join the Army, inspired by the military stories of his father and grandfather. He pursued this dream by aiming for West Point, and with some political support, he managed to secure an appointment.

Fast forward, and we see Fletcher’s journey unfold as he evolves from a young cadet to a highly decorated military officer. Along the way, he navigates the complexities of army life and military politics, earning numerous awards and promotions. It’s clear that Fletcher’s resilience, dedication, and lifelong commitment to learning are shaping him into someone extraordinary. And as Chapter 1 concludes, we’re left with a sense that his life is about to take another remarkable turn.

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