The Richard Jackson Saga

The Richard Jackson Saga

Book 1: The Beginning

Coming of age stories do not have to be full of teenage angst, they can be fun and lighthearted.
With humor, we follow a young man’s coming of age in the late 1950s. Starting in the summer before his freshman year it follows him through his high school life where he learns golf is his game and beyond. He finds fame and fortune as an inventor and wealth in Hollywood as he searches for a girlfriend. Wealth and fame prove far easier than girls.

On a cross country road trip, young Rick is hitchhiking from a small Ohio town to California. Along the way, there is a bank robbery, bull riding in the rodeo, a western movie, and rustlers among other events.

From the excitement of summer to the dullness of high school life Rick is followed as he proves that school need not be dull.

This tongue in cheek saga is all true, give or take a lie or two.