The Richard Jackson Saga Audio book Volume 1

The Richard Jackson Saga

Audio Book: Volume I

The Beginning, book 1

Coming-of-age stories do not have to be full of teenage angst; they can be fun and lighthearted. Follow our young hero as he goes through life in the late 1950s, adventure after adventure, large and small. All you have to remember is that they are all true, give or take a lie or two….

Starting in the summer before his freshman year, the story follows him through his high school life. He finds fame and fortune as an inventor, and wealth in Hollywood as he searches for a girlfriend (…wealth and fame prove far easier to obtain than girls).

The School Days, book 2

Rick in the first semester of the ninth grade. Using the lessons he learned on the road, he makes a serious start on becoming an excellent student. However, he still has to navigate the pitfalls of the Homecoming Dance, Sadie Hawkins Day, and other dangerous encounters with the fair sex. His thoughts of being a football star take him nowhere; he finds that chasing a little white ball around a field can be fun, and that being a hero is not all it is cracked up to be.